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Reflexology with Tracie
Tuesdays: 11 am - 2 pm
Thursdays: 11 am - 4 pm

Available most days at various times, please call to schedule an appointment!
Reflexology is a relaxing, therapeutic pressure technique used on the feet or hands (though it is most effective on the feet.)  The session begins with some gentle stretching and mobilization of the feet.  Then, the pressure technique is applied based on the theory that there is a "reflex area" for every body part, organ and gland in your entire body.  Ask for a print out of a Reflexology chart with your session.


What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

Reduced Stress


Relief of Tension

Increased Circulation

Improved Sleep Patterns

Detoxification of the Body

Speedier Recovery from Surgery

Reduced Pain

Increased Attention Span

And much, much more...

LifeLine Technique TM
The LifeLine Technique allows you to connect to and release anything causing pain or stress in your life: Physical symptoms, Chronic pain, Illness, Stressful experiences or memories, Addictions, Fear, Patterns of dis-ease, Anxiety, Relationship problems, Patterns keeping you from succeeding in your work or life, and much more!
Hour sessions by appointment, $100

LifeLine TechniqueTM was created by Dr. Darren Weissman, Infinite Love and Gratitude.

Spiritual Response Therapy Clearing
Are your relationships, finances, weight issues, career path, or just plain ole’ life circumstances challenged?  What we’ll do is connect to our Divine Infinite Intelligent and Loving Higher Selves and with Spiritual Response Therapy, using  a pendulum and a specifically designed set of charts,  access, research & clear discordant energies and negative soul programming from this and other lives which stand in the way of realizing your highest potential.
$100 an hour, $25 each additional 15 min

Personality Snapshot
Personality Snapshots is using the ability to pick-up on your emotions and what you are feeling, a direct connection with spirit allows easy access to information about what is going on with you and others. Using a pendulum, and connection to the higher self, receive a clearer picture of the intentions of the person or situation in question.
$80 an hour, $45 half hour

Past Life Relations
Would you like to know what roles your family, friends, and co-workers currently play in your life, or how many lifetimes you have been here? Why are certain people in your life, what are they really teaching you? Find out what you are really, meant to learn by those around you.
$80 an hour, $45 half hour

Medical Intuition
A medical intuitive can offer deep insights into the state of your life through non-evasive medical intuitive evaluations. They can look into your body, mind, and spirit through the practice of medical intuition, and can unlock secrets about physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that can cause your life to run off course

Attracting Wealth Sound Therapy
Using the Dream Weaver Sound Therapy, this amazing experience uses *Hemi-Sync music within the meditation to remove the blocks in the body helping the body to relax, heal and open you up to your prosperity goals!
$25 an hour or 4 sessions for $80

New Services from Straffine
(available Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Tuesday)

An Intuitive Reading on the Ten Areas of Your Life for 2010
Straffine will address career, love relationships, friendships, health, finances, education, family and more.
$80 for 60 minutes

Love and Relationship Readings
Love and Relationship readings are especially relevant for the new moon on Valentine's Day, February 14th.
$45 for 30 minutes
$80 for 60 minutes

Eastern Astrology Reading
Explore Eastern Asrology and see how it blends with your Western zodiac sign. Chinese New Year is also on Feb. 14th this year.
$100 for 60 minutes

Art With Spirit
Helps you to open your heart to spirit and Straffine will create a painting for you based on what the connection reveals. She will call in your Angels and Spirit Guides and connect with your higher self and she creates the painting. She then will read and explain what and who has appeared.
$80 for 60 minutes


Cranal Sacral Therapy
With light touch and gentle manipulations to the cranial sacral system, self-corrective physiological activities take place to correct imbalances and treat a host of health problems through Cranial Sacral Therapy.  This visionary approach is designed to introduce analytical and intuitive understanding of cranial sacral work.  It is the art of healing touch.
$125 ~ 75 Minutes
$75 (Children Session - 30 minutes)

Sacred Journey Therapy
Sacred Journey Therapy is a very intimate form of energy work, which touches your soul in such depth that it will often release deep seeded emotions, heal ancient wounds or perhaps send you into a wonderful euphoric state.  It's whatever your soul is searching for.
$125 ~ 75 Minutes
$75 (Children Session - 30 minutes)

Medical Intuitive Screening
During a medical intuitive session, a qualified practitioner will conduct a thorough scan of the "total" body. This will address the energetic body of the major and minor chakras, meridians, aura fractions, etheric cords and energy blocks. Additionally, the practitioner will intuitively assess; organs, microscopic-cells, fungi, parasites, future injuries, brain chemistry, emotional components, pathogens, and major bodily systems. The session will also include probable outcomes of current treatments, necessary energetic modifications and recommendations.
1 hour for $120

Last Mondays of the Month with Akeeya
Akeeya is both a spiritual medium and gifted psychic who has a wonderful talent for communicating with spirit beings and deceased loved ones.  She is able to receive information about your future, you soulmate, your past lives, and also receive messages from your deceased loved ones.

Starting in September, Akeeya will be taking appointments at Enlightened every last Monday of each month!
Sessions are by appointment.  Bring a cassette tape and have your session recorded!

New Clients:      $120/half hour
                       $170/45 min.
Existing Clients: $100/half hour
                        $150/45 min.