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Weight Loss Program

Customized weight loss packages are available at a discount. We’ll use a combination of the latest technologies to curb your appetite, speed up your metabolism and stop your stress and emotional eating. You cannot do any permanent weight loss without addressing your emotional eating and your stress level.

Your customized plan may include any and/or all of the following….
* Consultation - to find out your needs to get the package that will work for you. Includes tips on the science of getting thin, weight loss tips, what to eat & what not to eat.
* Ondamed Biofeedback – de-stresses the body, helps curb your appetite and speeds up your metabolism.
* Psychosomatic Energetic Testing with homeopathics for decreasing stress eating & addressing your emotions.
* Far Infra-Red Sauna – Helps you burn up to 600 calories per hour. Also helps detox and release toxins that are stored in the fat cells, reduce stress & inflammation and are very anti-aging.
* Emotional Freedom Technique – Learn a tapping technique to help you curb those junk food/sugar urges.
* Resolution PM – Natural safe non-stimulant liquid drink containing collagen, which helps burn fat at night while you sleep and helps rebuild your skin to keep it young.
* Weight Loss Hypnosis or Guided Imagery – Find & heal what triggered your weight problem, your sabotaging behavior and then receive suggestions to eat healthy and exercise.
* Weight Loss & Detox Cleanse by Standard Process – This amazing 21 day cleanse using whole food supplements and shakes to get your body back on track, lose up to 25 pounds, improve your metabolism, cut carb and sugar cravings, reduce cholesterol, reduce or eliminate allergies, get rid of addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and greatly reduce or eliminate prescription drugs. This cleanse will clean out toxins that are being stored in the fat and organ tissue that are keeping you from being healthy and losing weight.
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Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you lose weight by helping you release those emotional blocks that are keeping you from being your ideal weight. It can help you want to eat healthier and exercise and reprogram your unconscious mind to create a new healthier you. Usually 3-4 sessions are required.
Package of 3 sessions $325 (Regular Price 360)