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Natural Therapeutic Practitioner Pet Services

Pet Menu of Services ~ Pet Natural Therapeutic ~  Pet Technology Services

Click on the prices to schedule the desired service ~ Or just call 708-364-8887


Psychosomatic Energetic Testing (PSE)
Just a hair sample is needed from your animal companion (dogs, cats, horses) t this test and the owner.  This amazing new FDA registered technology created by an MD from Germany helps find the unconscious conflict in your pet that is robbing its' body of its' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  All illness and emotional issues have an unconscious conflicts associated with it.  If your pet is ill or feels nervous, scared, sad, anxious or is acting out then this test can help.  By the end of the test you will know know how your pet's vitality is on the physical, emotional, mental and causal (spiritual) layers and what is the unconscious conflict, where it is located in your body, is there any nervousness, inner tension, pain or fatigue, what symptoms it causes, how much it is robbing from your pet's overall health, how long it will take to remove it, how much vitality you will get back and what homeopathic remedies you need to take to release it.
$85 for 1st visit (plus remedies)
$65 for 6 week retest
Animal Communication Consultation
Animals are extremely telepathic and are able to convey their thoughts and feelings to people who are receptive to them.  An animal communicator will speak to your pet to answer your questions and help you with resolving issues in both of your lives.  The pet does not need to be present for this to take place or it can be done over the phone.  A description of the pet is all that is needed.
$100 hour  -  $55 ~ 30 minutes

Spirit-Centered Healing
Spirit-Centered Healing sessions help you to experience the inner resources of your own intimate connection to the Divine within. This type of healing also works to shift and redirect the energies of obstacles and resistances that keep you from living fully. Shifting occurs deeply both in the physical and mental bodies of your soul through intense Divine intervention into your karmic body and your higher being. Spirit-Centered healing works to penetrate both the conscious and sub-conscious minds through Divine Guidance and support both verbally and energetically. Shifts accomplished through this type of work are eternal and deeply rooted to extend into one's own future existence.
$100 session

Ondamed Biofeedback
This state of the art machine from Germany helps the body release energy blocks that help cause illness/disease pain and inflammation.  This machine has 33,000 different frequencies that can be tested and then applied in the body to help the body heal including ones for micro-organisms.  There are many preset programs for many issues that can be used on a pet to help them heal, such as neurological issues, pain, detoxing, liver, eyes and other organs, etc.
$85 session

Aromatherapy (Essential Oils) Hair Testing & Consult
A hair sample is needed of your animal companion and a surrogate to stand in for your pet.  A series of meridian testing of the different areas of the body will be performed to find the weakest area that needs to be worked on first and what combination of essential oils would best strengthen the weak meridian system which relates to many organs, functions an demotions of the body.
$85 session plus the oils

Flower Essence or Aura-Soma Hair Testing
We carry a wonderful line of flower essence remedies or Aura-Soma remedies to handle almost any issue your pet or you may be going through emotionally or physically.  Bring in a hair sample and we will test to see what the best remedies for your pet are.  These remedies are made for the energies of today and are much more potent than other popular remedies on the market.
$10 session


Soul Retrieval
A Shaman (medicine Woman) searches for a soul fragment, which is a part of your pet's energy field that became disassociated from it due to a past trauma that can be the cause of issues in their life today.  The Shaman brings this soul fragment back and re-attaches and integrates it into your pet's essence.
$100 session

Reiki & Kahuna Arch Healing Sessions
Reiki is a powerful ancient Eastern hands on healing technique where divine energy is channeled through the energy practitioner to the pet to release heavier and stagnant energy in the body and restore and balance the bodies energy and chakra system to promote physical and emotional healing. Kahuna ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) is an ancient Hawaiian energetic healing utilizes the entire rainbow of vibrations and frequencies to heal your pet physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. Healings can occur instantaneously.
$75 hour  $40 30 minutes

Theta Healing Session
This is a personalized one-on-one session with a certified Theta Healing practitioner. Theta Healing is a powerful technique that uses Theta brain waves to connect with Creator/God to facilitate healings and teachings. Everything that you say and do is regulated by your conscious and subconscious mind. They govern your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Over time, they lead to blocks and restrictions causing physical and emotional illness. These sessions can help you change negative beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you, cure illness and addictions, remove radiation buildup, open yourself up to instant healings. Reactivate your Fountain of Youth gene to reduce wrinkles and increase your energy level. Bring back to life your 10 dormant strands of DNA that help us fight environmental toxins and increase our psychic senses! Come experience Godís unconditional love, you will feel lighter and happier as you learn and experience physical and emotional change within yourself.
$80/ hour


This natural safe product is great for healing wounds or skin issues. Itís great to use on dogs, cats or horses.
$10 per application

Raindrop Essential Oil Technique
This relaxing bodywork technique is done on the paws and back of the spine with many layers of therapeutic grade A essential oils being applied.  These oils with the technique has been shown to have quite a healing effect on the body and can help with all kinds of health issues and diseases by improving the immune system, releasing toxins and micro-organisms, rejuvenating the body, improving overall health and can even help straighten the spine.
0 - 20 lbs. ~ $40  
20 - 50 lbs. ~ $55
50 - 80 lbs. ~ $65
80 lbs and up ~ $85


Pet Menu of Services ~ Pet Natural Therapeutic ~  Pet Technology Services