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Intuitive & Spiritual Guidance Sessions

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Soul Coaching and Mentoring
You can bring ANY concern, topic or issue for Soul Coaching.  As a business consultant, psychotherapist, energy and light healer and soul facilitator, Rhanda (Licensed Social Worker) believes in providing deep and meaningful ways to support clientsí lives and goals through a blend of coaching for practical action, healing and intuitive guidance. Learn to recognize and engage the wisdom of your soul to address lifeís challenges, and develop your next steps through gentle, supportive, direct, empowering and inspirational coaching and mentoring.  Your soul is dynamic, ever present and is waiting to communicate with you. As you learn to identify and listen to its guidance, your life can flow with much greater harmony, joy and purpose.  Single sessions may be used for immediate concerns. Multiple sessions are recommended to establish and ground new patterns, of thought, emotion and behavior.
$130/hour, $70/30 minutes, initial session is one hour.

Spiritual/Intuitive Coach
Spiritual and Intuitive Coaching/Mentoring offers an interactive approach to
traditional psychotherapy. It combines counseling with breath work, guided
visualization, Reiki, and meditation. Spiritual tools and mindfulness
techniques; are incorporated thru an explorative journey of oneself.
Each session is unique and conforms to the individuals needs. Using
intuition, empathy, and energy, I transform negative thoughts and feelings
into positive and proactive affirmations.
Life Issues Consultation
Individual sessions with a retired social worker/ licensed minister will help you work through life issues you are dealing with, giving you tools and insights and to how to deal with the situation in a different way. She will put together therapies, plan goalís and objectives. She specializes in: Relationships - Women's Empowerment - Addictions - Codependence - Career Choices and Changes - Family Issues - Spirituality.

Angel Guidance Reading
Do want to hear messages from your angels and hear what they want you to know? Do you want to know whoís your guardian angel and what angels are working with you or want to work with you? If you have questions for your angels and would like to know more, this amazing session will tell you. This personalized session will enable you to speak to your guardian angels and spirit guides. The angels are here to help you! Eliminate draining negative energies; get answers to questions about your life path, heal illness and get protection from harmful energy. Experience how the angels can assist with issues such as worry, forgiveness, and grief. See and feel when your angels are near. Open yourself to the experience of hearing, seeing and feeling the presence of your angels. 
$80 per hour  $45 for 30 minutes

Angel Guidance & Healing Sessions
This personalized one-on-one session combines the powerful technique of Theta Healing with the Archangels and Divine Goddesses. The practitioner will work with Creator/God, the Archangels and Divine Goddesses to heal and harmonize every aspect of your life. Eliminate beliefs and illnesses that no longer serve you. Receive teachings directly from Creator/God to shift your physical and emotional energy. Remove blocks to your psychic senses. See how to work with the Archangels and Divine Goddesses to help you in your everyday life.
$80 per hour  $45 for 30 minutes

Akashic Record Consultation
The Akashic Records are the past, present and future knowledge of all things.  It is a record of your soulís journey that is accessed through the Pathway Prayer Process RT.   You can get answers to why you have certain issues in this lifetime and how to heal them.  A consultation consists of opening up your soulís records with your permission and allowing the information to come forward.  Perceptions and insights from this deep spiritual experience are useful in resolving current life challenges and can bring attention into the present moment allowing one to focus on clarity for personal and spiritual growth. Please bring specific questions with you so that we can go directly to that space in your records. (These are not psychic or intuitive readings, please come prepared with your questions.)
$80/hour - $45/half hour
Intuitive Toe Reading
At spiritual and metaphysical conferences across the country, when toe reading is offered, participants line up cheerfully to wait in long lines.  Why?  Because your toes tell the story of your life path and answer the question, ďAre you walking your destined path?Ē  Toe reading is the metaphysical understanding that the direction and formation of the toes are the physical printout of the path your life has taken.  As your life path and story changes, the energy of the accompanying emotions changes the shape of the toes.  A toe reader is someone who honors the stories coded in the toes as the soulís developmental process, and is spiritually and emotionally available to unlock information that your soul is ready to reveal and be invited to explore the next steps that can be taken to honor your soulís messages.  
$80/hour - $45/half hour

Intuitive Shamanic Readings, Personal Totems
Find out what your personal animal totems are and what messages they have for you.
$80/hour - $45/half hour

Transchanneling with Carole brings Truth through the highest vibration.  This process allows highly divine spirits to communicate with those of us in the physical world.  It is guidance given from higher realms by enlightened beings known as guides or teachers.   The guidance comes through Carole, who becomes an open channel able to set aside the conscious self and allow higher information to come through her physical form.  The message is intended in the moment for the person or group for whom Carole is directing the session.  The information is pure, without judgment, and used with the intention for the clientís personal growth.  You will receive insight and inspiration to you and your friends.  You can receive insight into health issues and find out what services, products and foods would be best for you to help you overcome your health issues.  This time of spiritual renewal and connectedness is not only enjoyable, but enlightening for the soul.
$100/hour - $60/half hour - group rates available
Personality Snapshot
Personality Snapshots is using the ability to pick-up on your emotions and what you are feeling, a direct connection with spirit allows easy access to information about what is going on with you and others. Using a pendulum, and connection to the higher self, receive a clearer picture of the intentions of the person or situation in question.
$80 an hour, $45 half hour

Past Life Relations
Would you like to know what roles your family, friends, and co-workers currently play in your life, or how many lifetimes you have been here? Why are certain people in your life, what are they really teaching you? Find out what you are really, meant to learn by those around you.
$80 an hour, $45 half hour

Medical Intuition
A medical intuitive can offer deep insights into the state of your life through non-evasive medical intuitive evaluations. They can look into your body, mind, and spirit through the practice of medical intuition, and can unlock secrets about physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that can cause your life to run off course


Menu of Services ~ Natural Healing ~ Hypnosis Sessions  ~ Massage & Body Work
 Energy And Light Healing ~ Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance Sessions ~ Technology Services ~ Pampering Packages