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Karen J. Erickson
Karen is the Founder of Enlightened and has been learning about natural healing for the past 15 years, when she had to heal her own body from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other issues.  While healing her own body, she discovered how important it is to heal all aspects of oneself for true permanent healing, meaning, one must not only address the physical body, but the emotional, mental and spiritual or causal layers of the body, as well.  Karen has specialized in helping people heal all four of these aspects of oneís being and putting extra emphasis on healing our emotions and unconscious issues.  She has learned about cellular memory and how our body is communicating a message to us through dis-ease and pain.  Once this message has been delivered and released, many times the dis-ease and pain will disappear, if not improve greatly. 
Karen has been certified as a Hypnotherapist since 1999 and belongs to the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Karen is one of just a few practitioners in the U.S. that have completed Level II training in Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE), which is one of the most revolutionary ways of testing the bodyís physical, emotional, mental and causal (spiritual) layers, finding the hidden emotions creating the health problems and helping the body to heal on all these levels with homeopathic remedies.  Karen has also been certified on the Ondamed Biofeedback system, which is leading edge energy medicine technology that helps release energy blocks in the body to heal.  She also has training and certification is the following categories: Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Shaman, Kahuna ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Emotional Release Technique, NLP Practitioner, Light, Sound & Color Therapy, AuraMed Biopulsar-Reflexograph Practitioner & as a Medicine Wheel Practitioner.
Karen has a B.S. in Psychology and worked in the corporate world for 16 years in technology sales for Fortune 500 companies prior to opening Enlightened.  Karen teaches classes on color therapy, natural healing, meditation and manifesting.  In 2006, she appeared for speaking engagements at the Taste of Chicago, the Mind, Body & Spirit Expo, the Childrenís Museum, & Borders in Oak Park.
Dr. Peter Trichardt
While attending the University of Pretoria in his home country of South Africa, Dr. Peter Trichardt developed chronic headaches and consulted many medical doctors to no avail. One day, a friend suggested he see a chiropractor. Within one year, he left his headaches, and South Africa behind to enroll at the Palmer College of Chiropractic (the first formal school of Chiropractic, started by the founder of Chiropractic in 1897, Daniel David Palmer) in Davenport, IA.
After graduation he practiced in England for one year, then moved to Illinois. He has practiced here ever since. Active in his professional association, he's served as President of the Illinois Prairie State Chiropractic Association, and was selected "Chiropractor of the Year".
Dr. Trichardt uses a combination of the most up to date Chiropractic Techniques, Nutritional Evaluations, Muscle Testing, and Bio-Energetic Testing to enhance the well-being of his patients. He utilizes the Palmer Package, Gonstead, Applied Kinesiology, Bio-Meridian, and Ulan Nutritional Response.
Happily married with three adult children, his oldest son has followed in dad's footsteps with his own chiropractic practice!
Felicia Davis
Prior to working at Enlightened, I worked at a doctors office and was an  addiction counselor.  I found myself more and more interested in the alternative healing, though, and decided to pursue my certification in Massage Therapy.  I graduated from the Center for Wellness in 1993 located in Woodridge, IL.  Since then I have continued taking education in Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Cranial sacral therapy.  Most recently I have trained in Raindrop Therapy using high grade essential oils to guarantee a therapeutic treatment.  I am both Nationally certified and state licensed.  I bring an empathic gentle quality to my work and combine both relaxation and therapeutic techniques.  I provide the following massages; deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy, myofacial, natural facelift, and reflexology.
Deb Flynn
I am a Certified Massage Therapist and a graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy (CSMT).  I've been practicing for nearly 15 years, am professionally insured and licensed with the State of Illinois.  Over the span of my career I have had the opportunity of working in a wide variety of settings; anything from chiropractic offices, health clubs, spas, to TV and movie sets and concert venues.  I Specialize in Deep Tissue Massage as well as Chair Massage treatments.  No matter what the setting is, I treat all of my clients like a celebrity.  Chair massage is a great way to get some important stress relief in an affordable and time-friendly way.  I look forward to working with you!  I provide the following massages; deep tissue, Swedish, Raindrop, and hot rock.

Dawn Curtis
Dawn is a Certified Massage Therapist, as well as a Shamanic Healer. She graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1990, where she also received additional training as Neuromuscular Therapist. Neuromuscular Therapy involves deep tissue work using accupressure and stroking techniques that work deep into the origin and insertion points of muscles. 
Dawn is skilled at various additional techniques, including Orthobionomy,  Myofascial Release, and Aromatherapy Massage. Orthobionomy is a joint compression technique which helps to reduce pain such as arthritis, and paint in joints due to repetitive stress. Myofascial Release is a pressure technique which can be incorporated into the massage to release "stuck" areas in the muscles. Treat yourself to an Aromatherapy Massage, where Dawn will blend essential oils geared toward specific body areas.  She may use 8 or more high grade essential oils to help stimulate ciculation, increase relaxation, energize, and increase well-being.
Dawn also trained for one year with a Shamanic practitioner, as well as 6 additional months with a Cherokee Medicine Woman. She will be offering 3 powerful treatments that help clear and balance your energetic body.
During a Shamanic Energy Session, Dawn will energetically assess your body and provide energetic clearing and balancing of the body's energies and chakras using a variety of traditional tools. She will incorporate any combination of either reiki, tuning forks, essential oils, drumming, attunement, sage, singing bowls, sound or diggeridoo (an Australian instrument).  You will feel a release of blockages and emotional patterns, more clarity, and more balance in both body and mind.
Try a Tuning Fork Session for a vibrational sound attunement. The tuning forks are used on and around the body to change the vibrational patterns of your energetic body, resulting in calmness, relaxation and stress relief.
Cherokee Sage & Crystal Sessions utilize the burning of sage to clear the energetic bodies. The therapist lays specific crystals down the spine to aid in clearing and balancing.
Try combining the Tuning Fork Session with the Cherokee Session!
Dawn has a warm, welcoming and relaxed personality, and we're happy to offer our clients these uniquely beneficial services.

Vicki Powell
After a near death experience, Vicki began her search for healing. In her travels to several countries and working with many healers in many states, she has greatly strengthened her own intuitive clair cognizance. With the assistance of and communication with spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and passed loved ones, she is able to use the many healing modalities she has learned to find and clear blocks or resistances to healing in this lifetime and past ones. Her healing style is different from most others in that she also teaches you "tools" to use to help you heal yourself. Each level/frequency of healing has its own tools.In her travels she has gone to see John of God in Brazil for healing, completed Brazilian Mediumship School, gone to study in and for healing in Tibet, become an Usui Reiki master, a Skhm (Egyptian) Reiki healer, an Esoteric Healer, a Theta Healer, an Akashic Record reader, a medium, a Sedona Method healer, a Lemurian Light Healer, a Barometer Healer, and several others. Each modality works at a different frequency.
Tracie Thompson
My name is Tracie Thompson. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children ages 11 and 9. I was introduced to the world of homeopathy, massage and alternative healing practices when I first became pregnant.
At first I, like many others, was not sure these methods could provide meaningful relief and healing. I am excited to say that as soon as I put these practices into my everyday living, I quickly became living proof that they did work and were extremely effective. 
Fast forward to 2005 - as my children grew older and were in school full time, I knew I needed to start a new direction in my personal journey. It was suggested to me to try reflexology. I took a weekend reflexology class and fell in love with it. During that weekend class I realized that I could actually help people help themselves to achieve overall body balance. I knew I was meant to become a Reflexologist. 
Immediately after attending the weekend class, I enrolled into the Wellness and Massage Training Institute in Woodridge, Illinois where I earned my reflexology certification in April, 2006. Part of my session includes taking time to discuss with my clients what symptoms they are having. It's through this thorough conversation that I can determine the best course of action which will hopefully get my client on a more balanced life track. 
It gives me great enjoyment and personal satisfaction to assist my clients in relieving stress or relieving symptoms caused from emotional or physical ailments. I will always be a wife and mother first, but my passion lies in helping others through Reflexology.
I am looking forward to working with everyone!

My Schedule: Tuesdays: 11 am - 2 pm; Saturdays: 11 am - 3 pm
Kathy Caldwell
I'm Kathy, and I'd like to introduce you to the Egyptian method of Reflexology; an ancient and very gentle form of massage therapy of the
feet and hands. 
In 2000, I earned my certification from the Integrative Health Care Center of Chicago. I wanted to offer healing without hurting. I found the Egyptian method to be not only very gentle, but it allows one to enter such a state of deep relaxation, that the body releases tension and embraces healing. The use of essential oils in Raindrop Therapy further aids in the healing process.
Also certified as a Medicine Wheel Practitioner, I am able to tap into this for a deep and meaningful experience.
I look forward to meeting and working with you along your journey of healing and enlightenment!

Special Guest Only
Straffine has been a licensed counselor for over 25 years. She graduated from George Williams College, and was credentialed by state and national agencies. She has worled in both non-profit social service and corporate consulting as a counselor and clinical Program Director.
Nine years ago, she received her Minister's license. A metaphysical church and a Spiritualist church both offered her arenas to flourish spiritually.
A counselor, corporate trainer and mentor for an International Outplacement Consulting firm, she was certified as a career counselor, and traveled to clients across the country for 6 years. She developed and instituted training and development programs in-House for the counseling staff.
A member of Illiana Paranormal Research society, her expertise as a medium assists the team to clear homes and businesses of troubled entities and send spirits to the light.
Straffine is a Shamanic Wisdom Keeper and leads Shamanic Drumming Circles. She studied with a trainer who was a student of Michael Haines, anthropologist and author of "The Way Of The Shaman".
She has been a Reiki Master for 16 years and uses her love of crystals in special layouts in treatment. 
She has been touched by Spirit since childhood. Her Native American great grandmother is one of her spirit guides and infuses her readings with the wisdom of nature and animals. She especially enjoys leading a client to find their personal totem animals. The white crow is her visionary guide.
She has been gifted with clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.  Akashic Record reading is a special area of interest for her.
She believes Spirit works through her to offer guidance and counsel to those seeking spiritual growth.

Binah Davis
I have always been interested in the arcane, esoteric, mantic, metaphysical modalities at an early age. The epistemic side of me knew that my lifetime is packaged inside as imprints triggered by thoughts, desires and emotions.  There is also a side of me that knew that I chose to be here by riding the wings of consciousness manifesting as the possibility, probability and potentiality of thought, always creating my reality in the moment. At an early age the profundity of esoteric knowledge and grandiloquence lead me to believe that my spiritual journey was truly just beginning to unfold.
My deepest passion is to continue doing esoteric research work in the holistic approach to mind, body and spirit healing because I believe that human beings are more than flesh and blood, proteins, fats and nucleic acids. This holistic approach is an aspect of human nature that is not taught in medical school nor well understood by most physicians. But the spiritual element is a part of human existence that must be taken into account if we are to truly understand the basic nature of health, illness, and personal growth.
In high school, physics and psychology was my first mistress and academic love. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in August 1966, an MBA in Marketing in 1976 and an alternative holistic professional PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Served two years of active duty stationed at the Pentagon - United States Army (1967 - 1969) as a computer programmer analyst, stationed at Ft. Myers, Arlington, VA assigned to the Pentagon - Office of the Adjutant General. In 1973 received an honorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States of America - Pentagon, Washington D.C. (Headquarters of the Department of Defense).

 There is a great difference between "OK" and "Wellness". Wellness can be defined as a state where you function at an optimal level of integration between the elements of body, mind and spirit. The well individual is one who is happy, healthy, and whole, and who perceives his or her life as one with meaning and purpose.

Carole Malin
Carole was introduced to Cranial Sacral Therapy through her holistic physician who felt that she would find the therapy effective yet noninvasive. Based on her personal experience and how well Cranial Sacral Therapy resonated with Carole, she felt compelled to further understand how it addressed physical as well as emotional distress and decided to undertake a comprehensive training program. In short, she learned that the human body is comprised of energy - energy that supports complex systems within systems.
Carole holds a great deal of respect for the human body and its energy field and brings the utmost integrity to your session -- her sensitivity and intuitive awareness complement her therapeutic techniques. Let Carole join with your soul for this high art of healing whether you choose a Cranial Sacral Therapy or Sacred Journey Therapy session.
As an evolved Transchanneler, Carole opens unlimited possibilities to the depth of information she can bring to a session and offers insights from the highest vibration which speaks from Truth. Allow yourself to experience words of wisdom and guidance that will enhance a deeper understanding of your own life challenges or matters close to your heart.
Carole trained at the Sacred Journey Institute in Tinley Park , Illinois and transformed into a Cranial Sacral practitioner and gifted Transchanneler.  Carole also earned her B.A. in Business from DePaul University in Chicago , Illinois and worked in the corporate world for thirty years. Allow yourself to explore the benefits of a Cranial Sacral Therapy or Sacred Journey Therapy session with Carole or perhaps seek guidance as she transchannels information that is communicated from the highest vibration.
Tuesday - Thursdays, 1-7; Saturday & Sunday by Appointment
Jia Khechari
Jia Khechari is a sound healer, yogi and shaman. His healing work is centered around the precept that any illness or disturbance in the body, mind or spirit apart from being a necessary teacher for us can be shifted or transformed and made whole, that is brought into balance with our true core resonance.
Much attention is paid in his work to the power of sound as a vibrational transmitter of consciousness and energy in removing unwanted and intrusive attachments and in restoring health and original harmonious resonance.
All things in life have their respective harmonious resonance when in optimal health. Jia uses both voice and bowl tones along with other modalities to recreate this healthy resonance within.
He began a fifteen year journey into shamanism and healing when he was very young and the tools he used to heal himself and find balance are now at his disposal for assisting others along what he has learned from many marvelous teachers.
Among his healing modalities and yogas are: meditation, qi gong, shamanic journey, emotional and pelvic de-armoring, Chinese tonic herbs,  tantra practices, breathing therapy, chakra energetics and sound therapy.
Jia is a graduate of the Acupressure Institute, Berkeley, Ca. 1988.
Jia is available for private sessions.
Please call us to schedule an appointment
Susan Kane
Susan Kane graduated from the Temple of Kriya in 2004 and has been teaching yoga since. She also holds a certificate in Yoga for the Special Child, a level one in Thai yoga massage and a third degree brown belt in martial arts. Susan is recognized through Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level. She believes everyone is unique and will always treat you that way.
 Yoga is the ancient art of integrating body, mind, and spirit.
Self-improvement begins by doing your best with what you have, moving forward from wherever you are, and watching your attitude. With the regular practice of yoga you can gain better body alignment, flexibility, strength, and stress relief.
YOGA Classes (Customized for your level of fitness) starting June 6, 2009.   More details to come... Let us know of your interest today!
Rhanda Salameh
Rhanda Salameh is a spiritual coach and mentor whose joy it is to inspire and empower her clients to live their destined path. Rhanda has been helping clients transform their lives for the past 25 years. Her journey has been global and multi-cultural, instilling in her a deep respect for the unity that expresses through each person, family, culture, religion, healing and spiritual tradition.
Rhanda is also a healer, teacher, speaker, writer, therapist, business consultant, mother and friend. She has studied spiritual traditions, alternative energy modalities and soul facilitation, in the United States and Europe. In addition to being a licensed clinical social worker, a business consultant, and having run a manufacturing company, Rhanda is a certified soul facilitator, a Light of the Soul healer, a certified toe reader, a certified Passion Test facilitator and a flower and gem essence practitioner and coach.
At Enlightened, Rhanda offers:
Toe Readings with recommendations for next steps of inner work
Flower and Gem Essence Consultation with personalized vibrational remedy
Workshops, Seminars and Reading Groups.
Pattie Baron Schreiber
Patti Baron Schreiber is a Certified Professional Coach and a Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. She is certified as a Sixth Sensory Teacher and Practitioner by Sonia Choquette, is a graduate of the Hoffman Process and a Life Purpose Hand Analyst.
Her business, The Spirited Path, focuses on personal development and moving clients forward into a life they create and love. Offerings include personal coaching, life purpose readings, workshops and speaking engagements.
Patti also holds a Masters in Management from J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Business, Northwestern University and a B.S. from Marquette University.

Patti offers Life Purpose Hand Analysis
Leona Howard
Leona's career has predominantly been in the legal field. Due to ill health suffered by very close members of her family, she turned her sights toward alternative healing in the hopes that she could offer seasoned individuals an opportunity to enjoy quality of life by incorporating alternative healing methods and practices in their lives. She is also certified as an Aquatic Education Fitness instructor and has been a student of Medical Qigong, having just finished Practitioner Level training. She is an avid scuba diver and will be obtaining her Personal Training certification later this year.

Jannette S.
I was born in New York City. I moved to Puerto Rico as a young girl, where I grew up, until I moved to the Chicagoland area. Ever since I was a little girl I would experience visions and contact with my Spirit Guides and Angels in my dreams. It was then that I began to experience empathetic feelings from others, which means that I can track emotions and physical symptoms from people easily.
At first, I was frightened and did not understand what I was experiencing, but as I matured I became more curious and realized this was a gift to help others. I began practicing Tarot Readings and channeling my visions. My mission is to help others to release blockages, promote healing, to find the right path and empowering them with confidence and awareness.
I take these readings very seriously and my clients can expect full confidentiality and respect. I am a honest and caring person. My customers will receive the best reading possible to answer all their questions. I tell the truth, not what they want to hear. I have studied the wheels of energy in the body knows as chakras, I was attuned through Reiki Master-Teacher and I continue my education in Parapsychic science in the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

Judy LeGrand
Judy is a natural born Empath, Spiritual Healer, and Intuitive Reader. Judy holds a Bachelorís degree in Spirituality & Metaphysics, and is currently working towards her Masterís and Doctorates at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Judy is also a natural born Empath, gifted as a young child with the ability to read and feel others emotions intuitively.
As a young child, Judyís gift of empathy made her wise beyond her years. She
is a gifted soul and many have attributed to feeling lighter, happier, and more focused just by being in her presence.
You must be open to what she has to offer for some things are not what you
would expect, but what you need to know or hear. Judy is very kind and soft
with her approach. However, if the messages, are not received accurately, Spirit gets insistent with her, and so the information may be repetitious.
The gift of empathy has its rewards, being able to feel others emotions,
aside of oneself is a lot like being your own lie detector test. However,
you must know when to turn it on and off or it can cause major chaos with
friends and loved ones.
Over all, it has been a blessing and the empathy has lead her to where she
is today. A gifted and well liked intuitive coach and spiritual healer. It
is her life and passion.

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